Proverbial Leadership


Proverbial Leadership, provides a compelling narrative that underscores the symbiotic relationship between leadership and wisdom. It makes an explicit and captivating connection between the wisdom found in proverbial expressions and the wisdom needed in leadership. Drawing on these expressions, the book paints a clear picture of the dynamism and fluidity associated with proverbial leadership.

Nature presents a myriad of leadership models. Natural leadership attunes itself to the ways of nature and draws from environmental elements conditioning a group’s survival. Irrespective of race, nationality, tribe, or language, the application of expressions called proverbs in human communications is universal. Ancient or modern, societies place primacy on proverbs as an index of wisdom. They are handed down from past to present and cherished as legacies because they come from the cultural experience that lives through time.

In today’s world, the emphasis has shifted away from wisdom—the essential ingredient of leadership. The emerging styles and forms to manage leadership today have brought about a certain degree of ambiguity and confusion of roles. We now see leaders who are disoriented towards wisdom, and, as a result, emphasize monetary gains over the basic needs of their followers. They view leadership as purely a business support tool and reduce the system to mechanisms that only help in the pursuit of the profit.

Most leaders today indulge in crass looting of collective resources and leave their followers losing more than they were expecting to gain. Leadership corruption cases are becoming a permanent feature in the media today. From the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa to Oceania, the issue of leadership is of great concern because wisdom has been relegated to the bottom.

As it stands, the place of wisdom in leadership is ordained by nature, and natural leadership mirrors the principles by which nature itself operates, especially, with a particular understanding that it is through wisdom that complex and challenging situations are understood. Since wisdom guarantees common good, it becomes an absolute necessity in leading the organic whole along the path for survival. Therefore, natural leadership revolves around wisdom that could be expressed through succinct and understandable statements, called proverbs.

Proverbs usually come with a general agreement on the expressed ideas. A large number of proverbs are sourced from everyday experiences. Their usages are universal, cutting across races, ethnic lines, cultures, religions, traditions, and languages. In this connection, proverbs could be adjudged as the necessary ingredient of natural leadership. Proverbs reflect nature because most wise sayings are arrived at through careful observation of natural phenomena. In many cases, proverbs may not single-handedly suffice as ends in themselves, but there are natural apparatuses that can help mankind realize other ends – such as leadership.

This model of leadership is highly flexible; its fluid nature makes it perfectly responsive to the demands of the ever-changing world. In any given situation, proverbial leadership is adaptable and resilient. Its dynamism is in tune with nature and cannot be outmoded by any innovation, be it scientific or technological unless nature vanishes, and humans become extinct.

Unquestionably, proverbs are a storehouse of wisdom, and the truths held in them do not need debate. It is sacrosanct. Proverbs have a depth of moral concern which overtly frowns at lack of discipline, indiscretion, and deviation from the norms and ethics of social contract. As short as proverbs are, they carry messages, constructed figuratively, which have the principal intention of telling a story, teaching value, and preaching a sermon.

Author: Dr Darlington Akaiso
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